Snow Removal

Snow Removal

At Land Decor we offer commercial snow removal and ice management to keep your business running smoothly when mother nature calls.

Pre-Storm Treatments

Land Decor provides commercial pre-storm treatment for roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways. Our pre-storm treatment includes salting all areas of your business to ensure safety.


Land Decor trucks are able to work not only after the storm, but also during the storm. Our trucks ensure the quality and safety that your business parking lot, sidewalk, and walkway needs.

Sidewalk Services

Land Decor provides professional fully maintained sidewalks. Our sidewalk services come with pre-treatment, during storm treatment, and after storm treatment to ensure your business' safety.

Loader & Hauling Services

Land Decor provides quality loader services to quickly remove snow. Our skid loaders & rubber tire loaders allow your business to open without blocking parking spots to ensure you get the most out your business. We have several dump trucks to haul snow when needed.