Transformation & Repurposing

August 28, 2021
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When smart decisions are made to transform or re-purpose outdoor spaces; property values go up.
Our Land Decor team works with you to balance your needs with your dreams. For instance, have you been wanting to take advantage of the unused or underused outdoor space of your commercial or complex residential property? What about increasing off-street parking without creating an eyesore?

You might want to improve the property’s “walk-up” appeal by adding lighting, trees, or a pond or increase your privacy and security by adding a stone wall. But, it takes more than adding a pond or a garden to complete a transformation. It takes the Land Decor outdoor design and landscaping professionals.  We help people realize their dreams.

Behind all the decisions to transform or repurpose outdoor spaces are considerations that are both aesthetic and practical. Your solutions need not be mutually exclusive.  From concept through completion, our Land Decor professionals work closely with our clients to manage goals, needs, concepts, schedules, and budgets.

For two decades, Land Decor designers and project managers have been doing more than meeting expectations; they’ve been helping hundreds of clients find exciting solutions and higher values from their properties.  Contact us for your next smart outdoor solution!


  • Strategic planning
  • Conceptual design
  • Hardscape design
  • Softscape design
  • Timeline management
  • Crew management


  • Patios, ponds and fountains
  • Decks and gazebos
  • Walks and walls
  • Bed expansions and plantings
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Landscape lighting: Low voltage and LED

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